Eczema Steroid

Topical Steroids should not be used to treat Eczema.

Eczema-Ltd III is the best natural treatment for eczema. In the beginning of using steroids, the patient will see results in their eczema clearing up, but over time the eczema flare-up will more than likely return. This is why we recommend you stop your steroid use when beginning Eczema-Ltd III. The once good steroid treatment will likely not work like it did. Thus resulting in a stronger steroid, that can cause side effects or even an addiction to the steroid.

One of the side effect is called steroid withdrawal. The withdrawal effect refers to a change by the body once a particular stimulus has been withdrawn. Steroid treatment can also increase the size and severity of the eczema patient and therefore the steroid should have never been prescribed.

It always good to avoid any and all steroids and cortisones as an easy solution for your eczema skin problems. The symptoms are temporarily and the rebound is always far more severe as the skin has usually thinned and more sensitive.