FAQ for Eczema-Ltd III

This page answers most of inquires about Eczema-Ltd III.

What is the cost Eczema-Ltd III cost?

Eczema-Ltd III is very inexpensive in comparison to your years of expensive medication, doctors visits, and time and suffering involved in your past. U.S. Customers Only: Reasonable pricing of $98.00 which includes processing with delivery to your home or office in 2-3 days in the U.S. International Customers Only: pricing still reasonably at $130.00 which includes Federal Express Shipping and will arrive within 2-3 days in your country.

Processing and mailing of Eczema-Ltd III

All orders are mailed on normal business hours Monday - Friday. Tracking can easily be accomplished if needed.

Are the ingredients healthy and safe?

You body and skin have 99.9% of the ingredients of Eczema-Ltd III are: copper oxide, zinc oxide, sodium chloride, cornstarch, sulfur, polyethylene glycol and iron oxide. Eczema-Ltd III is safe for infants and children of all ages as well as pregnancy and breast feeding.

Eczema-Ltd III is easy to order

Eczema-Ltd III orders are received by online, phone, fax or my mail with your personal check included. Simply go to our order page for complete details.

Recommended moisturizer are:

100% pure Jojoba oil with no preservatives found in GNC and other health stores. Also Safflower Oil found much less expensive in most grocery stores. BOTH are very similar to the natural skin oil.

Other information about eczema research and eczema treatment?

The references page can be insightful.

Eczema-Ltd III can also be used along with other skin disorders.

Eczema-Ltd III can be used for rosacea, psoriasis, or acne. The natural lifestyle changes will also help you very much.

How to contact Bass and Boney?

bass.and.boney.inc@mindspring.com. Phone calls by dialing 1-877-942-2838 or 1-919-942-7735.

We have the very best refund policy which you will not need.

Eczema-Ltd has an unconditional 120-day, 100% refund.

How do I return Eczema-Ltd III?

Simply return with the Letter of Instruction which will have your name and address and purchase date on our letterhead stationary. Processing of the refund will be immediately.