Eczema-Ltd III Is Easy To Use As An Eczema Treatment

The below is a general concept of how to use Eczema-Ltd III. Your personal Letter of Instructions will be different based upon the size of the area and the location of the affected eczema, the type of eczema, past treatments, and other information that you inform us of on your order form. Your past history is always very helpful to assist us in writing the best Letter of Instruction for your use of Eczema-Ltd III.

how to apply Eczema-Ltd III

Applying Eczema-Ltd III

Your first application of Eczema-Ltd III should be done in the early evening hours after washing the affected part of your body with Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) 'dry skin formula - fragrance free' or the Dove 'normal white bar'. Leave the skin wet and glide the disk over the skin so the ingredients will dissolve off the disk and on to the skin. The yellow disk is to be used in the evening and the tan disk during the morning.

The ingredients should always be invisible on the skin, so please try to use the most minimal especially for the first application and during the next two or three days. Remember the old saying that often, "Less is More" so usually a two second application to the affected eczema area is best .

Continue to observe for several days and consider taking a before and after picture for your own viewpoint as a set point standard. Eczema-Ltd III will be invisible on the skin until the next time you wish to make an application would normally be 8 to 12 hours before the next application. No more than two applications per day. Jojoba Oil wold help the skin and is recommended as you can see on our Eczema Lifestyles Page or safflower oil, which can be bought at your local grocery store.

As a great assist to heal your eczema, change your diet with more water and alkaline foods which will help very much in new skin cell regeneration.